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Rent a car Beograd - Bel Rent

Towing service in Serbia

Towing service Serbia represents a network of service centers for towing vehicles on the entire territory of Serbia. All members of our association are ...

Rent a car Beograd - Bel Rent

Positioning a car rental website on Google

Website positioning and SEO for car rental agencies. 
You want your car rental agency's website to be in the first position of organic search on...

Rent a car Beograd - Bel Rent

A few tips before renting a car

They say that traveling is something that best ennobles us as people. In addition to expanding our horizons, we meet new areas, but also the culture of that particular p...

Rent a car Beograd - Bel Rent

Rent a car or taxi - what to choose?

In addition to numerous advantages, a business trip can sometimes lead to an unnecessary headache, which is often unrelated to the nature of work, but with some trivial ...

Rent a car Beograd - Bel Rent

Rent a car at Belgrade airport

The journey by plane is no longer just a matter of luxury. Thanks to low cost flights and accelerated development of air traffic, more and more citizens can afford to tr...

Rent a car Beograd - Bel Rent

Renting a vehicle - The benefits

How many times did you go on a trip and get into a city crowd? Or did you wait for a taxi, that he would eventually pay you twice as much? You entered a bus where one al...